Anticdotes podcast 5, Eddie from DoFit gym, hard at work

Anticdotes Episode 5:
Our Friend Eddie

The A(nticdotes) Team Anticdotes podcast

Proceedings take a fast and furious turn. Gerry tries to avoid another debate on the merits of Arthur’s Day, Steve laments Jennifer Aniston’s recent contribution to cinema, and Jason takes you on an international trip through the sounds a duck makes. Recent films reviewed: Jobs, Blue Jasmine, The Fifth Estate, We’re the Millers, Fast & Furious 6, Captain Phillips Recent …

Anticdotes podcast 3, Riddick and his space dog

Anticdotes Episode 3:
Blink Like A Pro

The A(nticdotes) Team Anticdotes podcast

The long-delayed third episode comes into being by way of Google Hangout. Gerry recalls how he missed out on being part of a Bollywood dance number, Steve reflects on a childhood deprived of ‘Star Wars’, and finally, Jason reveals the self-help website you never thought you needed. Films discussed (no spoilers): Riddick, Elysium, Kings of Summer, Frances Ha, Prisoners. Podcast: …

Anticdotes podcast 1, Wolverine and Jean Grey get intimate

Anticdotes Episode 1:
Dark Phoenix, Never Let Go

The A(nticdotes) Team Anticdotes podcast

An on-going pop culture discourse between three friends begins. In this first episode, a none-too-enthused Steve wonders why he is labeled the ‘enthusiastic one’, while a dynamic film pitch by Jason reveals an innate fear of eating light bulbs, and 7 years after the release of the third X-Men film, an angry Gerry still refuses to let go of how …