Anticdotes podcast 10, A bunch of dirty sailors

Anticdotes Episode 10:
Dirty Sailor Mouth

The A(nticdotes) Team Anticdotes podcast

Steve is outed as a rampaging sexist, Gerry goes to (Twitter) war with a popular podcaster, and Jason fears inevitable death by rabies. The Oscars are utterly dismissed as an institution to take seriously, but discussion (somewhat paradoxically) still turns to mentions of what SHOULD have been nominated. Recent films discussed: The Wolf of Wall Street, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, …

Stephen's top 10 films of 2013, the young and wild Mr O'Farrell

Stephen’s top 10 films of 2013

The A(nticdotes) Team Other Shite

You may have caught Stephen’s top 10 films of 2013 in last week’s episode ‘2013, In Memoriam’. However, Stephen, being the golden souled love boat that he is, has gone on and articulated his personal highlights in a format more forgiving to the hearing impaired. As in he’s written it down. Read on, and check out the podcast to hear …

Anticdotes podcast 9, Grown Ups is not our top film of 2013. Obviously.

Anticdotes Episode 9:
2013, In Memoriam

The A(nticdotes) Team Anticdotes podcast

It brings us great sadness to report that our good friend, 2013, has passed. Gerry, Stephen and Jason invite you to join them as they reminisce fondly on the many great films, TV shows and pop culture memories gifted to us during 2013’s sadly brief—though statistically average length—life. 2013 will be missed most of all by its next of kin, …

Anticdotes podcast 8, Biker mice from Mars, David Bowie, Dizzee Rascal

Anticdotes Episode 8:
Christmas Tools

The A(nticdotes) Team Anticdotes podcast

In a departure from the usual format, the guys share their festive memories and favourite seasonal viewings. Jason reveals how the Biker Mice From Mars saved Christmas, Gerry cries over a flying snowman and poor Steve continues to seethe at a deprived childhood. Podcast:   Play in new window  |    Download  |   iTunes

Anticdotes podcast 7, Paul Walker drives into the sunset RIP

Anticdotes Episode 7:
The Endless Runway in the Sky

The A(nticdotes) Team Anticdotes podcast

The gang share their fondest memories of the recently deceased Fast and Furious star Paul Walker, before coldly diagnosing the franchise’s future. Gerry’s Doctor Who fanaticism threatens to derail the entire show, Jason pitches a revolutionary new format for 24, and Stephen’s desert island box-set hypothetical gets a bit out of hand. Films discussed: Troll 2, Best worst Movie, Doctor …

Anticdotes podcast 6, The Beatles prepare to do battle

Anticdotes Episode 6:
A Load O’ Bullocks

The A(nticdotes) Team Anticdotes podcast

The magic is back, even if it took a re-recording to get there. Gerry would rather talk about The Beatles than breakfast, Steve gets all intimate with the lead singer of The National, and Jason endures ‘The Hobbit’ extended edition so you don’t have to. Recent films reviewed: Gravity, Thor: The Dark World, Enough Said, Saving Mr. Banks Podcast:   Play …