Anticdotes Episode 21:
I Wanna be a Space Cowboy

The A(nticdotes) Team Anticdotes podcast

After a brief and depressingly uneventful hiatus, the gang return. Jason terrorises the streets of Dublin on his hot new wheels, Steve reveals an unlikely inspiration for his dream to reach the stars, and Gerry imparts the tale of his convoluted quest for the ‘Twin Peaks’ Blu-Ray. We review Guardians of the Galaxy, discuss the latest news from Comic-Con (Superman …

Anticdotes Podcast 20, Aquaman, Mountain Viper, Shetland pony

Anticdotes Episode 20:
Big Fat Tip

The A(nticdotes) Team Anticdotes podcast

Two guest co-hosts wade into the organised chaos for this Summer-Spectacular! Jason proves more interested in Disneyland deaths than a night at the opera, Steve finds a super-hero he somehow knows less about than Ant-Man, and Gerry begins/ends an illustrious career in music journalism. Plus ‘live’ performances from Elephant, and a spoiler-laden Game of Thrones season 4 discussion. Game of …

Anticdotes Podcast 17, Suge Knight, Ant-Man, Zardoz

Anticdotes Episode 19:
Pink Anchors in the Hood

The A(nticdotes) Team Anticdotes podcast

Steve struggles with a shirt purchase, an unsolved mystery halts Jason’s acting career, and Gerry gets a sinking feeling about the Titanic museum. The gang are also briefly joined by Chris Rock. Tv discussed: Orange is the New Black Films discussed: 22 Jump Street, Edge of Tomorrow, Jimmy’s Hall, Non-Stop, Maleficent, Zardoz Podcast:   Play in new window  |    Download …

Anticdotes podcast 18, Peter Dinklage, X-Men Days of Future Past, Frank

Anticdotes Episode 18:

The A(nticdotes) Team Anticdotes podcast

Steve’s crusade against shitty cinemas finds a new target, Jason is bemused by his audience’s reaction to the new X-Men film, and Gerry takes it upon himself to uncover perhaps the most burning question regarding one of his co-hosts. Recent films discussed: X-Men Days of Future Past, Frank, Blue Ruin, Homefront Podcast:   Play in new window  |    Download  | …

Anticdotes podcast 17, Puff Daddy, Godzilla 1998, 2014

Anticdotes Episode 17:
Come With Me, ‘Zilla

The A(nticdotes) Team Anticdotes podcast

Steve is bemused by both Giro d’Italia and Eurovision, Gerry points out what the worst aspect of the cancellation of ‘Community’ is, and against all the odds, Jason dives into the back catalogue of ‘Godzilla’ films. Recent films discussed: Bad Neighbours, Muppets Most Wanted, Pompeii, Godzilla(2014). Recent television discussed: Community, Penny Dreadful Podcast:   Play in new window  |    Download …

Anticdotes Podcast 16, Digimon VHS, videos

Anticdotes Episode 16:
Once More With Feeling

The A(nticdotes) Team Anticdotes podcast

The gang struggles to regroup after a digital cataclysm leaves half of THE GREATEST EPISODE EVER RECORDED lost to the abyss. Gerry lectures on the ancient art of Digimon Fan Fiction, Jason proposes Guy Ritchie’s Medieval Avengers, and Stephen sits on the fence about everything except shower peeing. Brought to you by Recent films: Calvary, Transcendence, Amazing Spider-Man 2, …