WTF is an Anticdote?

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A word Gerry made up when trying to say anecdote (See Episode 1). More importantly it’s a fortnightly podcast cobbled together in fair Dublin city, Ireland, documenting the final days before the pop culture apocalypse. With veteran Irish film/TV junkies Stephen, Jason and Gerry.

Bear with us as we discuss film and TV news/new-releases, tangentially break into chat about games, music and time travel, before regaining control of ourselves and moving onto the mercurial ‘topic of the week’ in time for dinner.

The guys who do the thing.

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Will he ever be able to nail down that Mark Wahlberg impersonation?

Steve on twitter

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Can he make it through just one episode without offending a minority?

Jason on twitter

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Could ‘Doctor Who Fixes Irish History’ ever crack the iTunes podcast charts?

Gerry on twitter

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As self absorbed as we may appear, the Anticdotes team actually do appreciate feedback. It validates us. So feel free to drop us a line below, yo.

And if you don’t want us to read it or mention your name on the podcast, do say so.

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The A(nticdotes) TeamWTF is an Anticdote?