Steve and Jason's 2014 goodness list

Stephen and köp Viagra sverige Jason‘s 5 things from 2014 that were pretty good

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Hey, welcome to this very special commemorative ‘Textcast’, a revolutionary new form of podcast where one’s eyes do the listening. To wrap up our 2014 retro-analysis, myself and Stephen (this is Jason) have thrown together our top five things from the year, and added in our top 10 movies too as some sort of bonus. Perhaps to simulate the joys of listening to the podcast you should try reading it in our voices? Lets try: Jason: So I, Jason, wrote this bit (and everything preceding it) so you should be hearing it in my voice. Is that working? Isn’t this fun. Now let’s try Stephen. Stephen: Heyyyy! Stephen here, writing this part of the thing that you’re reading, so you should now be hearing my voice in your brain… I’m a big boob. And I smell like the plug hole in the shower room of a recently abandoned mental hospital. HA, I tricked you! Stephen didn’t really write that bit, it was still Jason. Too easy. Anyways, he definitely wrote the next bit, so please turn his voice back on…

The A(nticdotes) Team Stephen and Jason‘s 5 things from 2014 that were pretty good

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binäre optionen trick Dublin Comic Con 2014

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The Anticdotes Team (and special guest Jesus H. Christ) take a trip to Dublin Comic Con 2014! Featuring Gerry’s fateful meeting with Ernie Hudson (his favourite Ghostbuster!), pro-wrestling, snakes, an exorcism and the messiah interviewing a dog.

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Dennis Nedry welcomes you to Anticdotes 2.0

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Uh uh uh! You didn’t say the magic word! Uh uh uh! Uh uh uh! We have new website. But like a newborn child it’s a bit delicate. So if you spot anything clearly messed up, not working or if you break anything (the digital equivalent of dropping our baby, you maniac), do let us know. Otherwise, enjoy.

The A(nticdotes) Team binary options trading terms New Website, Handle With Care
Stephen's top 10 films of 2013, the young and wild Mr O'Farrell

commissioni trading online Stephen’s top 10 films of 2013

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You may have caught Stephen’s top 10 films of 2013 in last week’s episode ‘2013, In Memoriam’. However, Stephen, being the golden souled love boat that he is, has gone on and articulated his personal highlights in a format more forgiving to the hearing impaired. As in he’s written it down. Read on, and check out the podcast to hear Jason and Gerry’s reactions to Stephen’s (awful) choices…

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